How to book a meeting room using MS Outlook

How to book a meeting room using MS Outlook


Requirement :-

  • Customers must use RMA Group email using MS Exchange system.
  • Customers can use either MS Outlook or OWA web mail client.


Steps :-

1. Open MS Outlook, go to Calendar tab and then click New for create a new appointment.


2. On appointment window, click at Invite Attendees button then fill in any information. At the location field, click Rooms button.


3. Select Rooms window will appear. Click the room name, click Rooms -> button for selection, then click OK.


4. Click Send to send the meeting request to attendees.



Remark: To check the meeting rooms' availability.

1. Before sending a meeting request, click at Scheduling Assistant.


2. Each attendees and meeting room's availability will show. The solid blue bar means busy. The purple bar means out of office. There will be the time suggestion on the lower right of this window. You can also add/remove attendees/meeting rooms as you want (to choose the perfect rooms). But remember only one room should be booked, so remove all the non-booked rooms before click Send.