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How to connect WPS ( for Guest )


How to use Wireless Presentation System (For guest)

1. Open projector at your meeting room. You can see SSID of WPS , Server IP and login code on that screen.


 2. Choose SSID that showed on projector screen.


3. Try to connect and put password for connect to that SSID. (Remark : password will different each meeting room)


4. Open your web browser and put Server IPthat showed on step 1 and then go to download.


5. It will show kind of operating system. Please choose one for download and install.


6. Choose save for install and then install Wireless Presentation System client to your computer.



7. After installed, please see on projector screen about Server IP and Login code for connection.


8. It will show pop-up that ask information for connection. (Remark : IP Address will different each meeting room)


9. Put information on this pop-up and then click “OK”. 


 10. It will ask for setting resolution screen and then click “OK”.


11. Now, you can connected to WPS and can present your work on this.

     a.On your computer.


     b. On projector screen.


      c. On both screen.


0.jpg 0.jpg
1.png 1.png
2.png 2.png
3.png 3.png
5.png 5.png
7.jpg 7.jpg
8.png 8.png
9.png 9.png
10.png 10.png
11.png 11.png
12.jpg 12.jpg
13.jpg 13.jpg

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