How to use RMA-Office wireless (wifi) network

This how-to applies to RMA Thailand (BKK HQ and ADC) only.


Group ITM Department has upgraded the wifi system to suit all needs as well as stability and security improvement. This resulted into the new wifi SSID, as below :-

  • RMA-Office (BKK and ADC)
  • RMA-VIP (BKK and ADC)
  • RMA-Mobile (BKK and ADC)
  • RMA-Guest (BKK)/ ADC-Guest (ADC)


The usage for each SSID is not the same. 

  • RMA-Office (BKK and ADC)
    • Used for RMA supplied computer platform (desktop PCs and laptops) only.
    • Staffs can use their RMA supplied computers to join this wireless network by themselves.
    • No need to re-authenticate on this SSID.
    • Expiry is when that particular staff no longer be as RMA employee.
  • RMA-VIP (BKK and ADC)
    • Used for Executive Committee (Ex-Com)'s personal mobile devices only.
    • Ex-Com members who need to use this SSID require initial setup at ITM Department (BKK or ADC).
    • No need to re-authenticate on this SSID.
    • Expiry is when that Ex-Com member no longer be in position.
  • RMA-Mobile (BKK and ADC)
    • Used for RMA staffs's personal mobile devices only.
    • Staffs can use their personal mobile devices to join by themselves.
  • RMA-Guest (BKK)/ ADC-Guest (ADC)
    • Used for RMA guests only (for example - suppliers, contractors, etc.) only.
    • There must be an RMA staff associated with guests since that RMA staff will be the one who will be responsible on behalf of guest for any electronic actions performed by guests.
    • Guest account will be expired when that guest is no longer stay in RMA (staff need to declare during the request period otherwise it will go to default = 1 day).
    • In order to use it, associated RMA staffs need to contact ITM Helpdesk (or local ITM representative) in advance.


Instructions on how to use each SSID can be found on -> type in "RMA Thailand Wifi" in "Ask a question:" box (or click here).


Note :-

  • The “personal mobile devices” contains only smartphone or tablets (for example - iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), bringing the personal computers to use in office are still not allowed.
  • RMA staffs can use their RMA supplied computers (RMA-Office) and their personal mobile devices (RMA-VIP and RMA-Mobile) both in BKK and ADC without add new SSID again. 


This how-to illustrates the instruction on RMA-Office wireless network.


To use RMA-Office wireless network


1. Log on to RMA supplied computer using RMA domain account as normal

    username  :  your username ( example ; thipkamon.c)
    password   :  your password  (your current password)


2. Click the wifi symbol in your system tray (located in the lower right of your desktop screen) and Select "RMA-Office SSID" and click Connect.



3. If there is no problem, the wifi symbol will show connected.




Now you can use the RMA-Office wifi network normally. If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.