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Operating Hours = Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 5:30PM GMT+7

Do NOT put your password in the ticket.

Please do NOT put your password in the ticket. We recommend you communicate the password using a private method (e.g. MS Teams call/ chat, phone call, etc).

IT Request App

Introducing the new IT Request App which contains 4 types of requests

  1. IT Permission Request (Local Admin) - This app is for requesting local computer's administrative privileges, mainly for executing legacy apps. IT people who require local admin permissions will also need to request again through the app.
  2. VPN Request - This app superseded the paper VPN Request Form which has been used for a long while. No more paper forms will be accepted from now on.
  3. Special Access Request (still under development) - This is for requesting external people ("guest") access to our systems/ information. There must be a request from RMA person ("sponsor") providing their details:
    1. Guest's full name (first name, middle name, last name)
    2. Guest's company name
    3. What systems/ information they are going to access
    4. Business justification of access
    5. Permissions (default = read-only)
    6. Period of access
  4. IT Change Request - This is only for IT people to request system changes including hardware, software, configuration, etc. both physical or virtual. In the past, we had some changes which undergo without proper review and approval in advance. This app is to close these gaps. Examples are planned IT systems maintenance, network device configuration change, setup a new server/ database for a new app, etc.

For 1 and 2, we will revoke all existing local admin/ VPN permissions and allow some grace periods for requests again beforehand. This is to clear the old/ stale permissions which may still exist e.g. resigned people, etc.

The app itself can be accessed via the tab in Group ITO's Team -> General or via the web link https://go.rmagroup.net/itrequestapp .


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