Using Windows Remote Assistance

  1. Press the Windows Key and type "assistance", when Windows Remote Assistance appear, press enter or double-click

    alternatively Press the Windows Key and R at the same time, type msra.exe and press enter
  2. Click "Invite someone…"
    Windows Remote Assistance Do you want to ask for or offer help? Windows Remote Assistance connects two computers so that one person can help troubleshoot or fix problems on the other person's computer. -9 Invite someone you trust to help you Your helper can view your screen and share control of your computer. -9 Help someone who has invited you Respond to a request for assistance from another person. Privacy statement Cancel
  3. Click "Use email…" and email the file to the person that will help you (the "Helper")
    Windows Remote Assistance How do you want to invite your trusted helper? You can create an invitation and send it to your helper. You can also use Easy Connect to simplify connections to pur helper. -9 Save this invitation as a file You can send this invitation as an attachment if you use web-based email. -9 Use email to send an invitation If you use a compatible email program this will start the email program and attach the invitation 9 Use Easy Connect Use this option if Easy Connect is also available to your helper. Cancel
  4. If the "Helper" is outside the office, they should connect to the VPN and open the file they received.
  5. Give the password to the "Helper" by another means, eg Teams or by phone
  6. The "Helper" will open the file they received and enter the password you provided
  7. Accept the Connection request:
  8. The "Helper" will need to request control
  9. Accept the request:
  10. When you want to stop the session, click Stop Sharing and click the X
  11. The file that was sent to the "Helper" will remain valid for 2 hours, after that you will need to start the process again.