How to create an online account request (HR) on Intranet

To reduce the difficulties in managing all domain accounts, we have implemented the online request to acheive three goals.

- To have completed information when the request has been made. This is to reduce ping-pong communications.

- To have log of all accounts created.

- To have a centralized place to process new account creation (new staff), account update (staff change) and account deletion (resign staff). Especially the resign staff we have to delete them off as we cannot accept any risk from leaving them active.

- To have updated information in the active directory (means information in Corporate Address Book i.e. Outlook is up-to-date).


The steps below illustrate the new account request for new staff. If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.


Note: Since we have a limited resource, we need you to comply with below policy.


  • Thailand
    • ITO can take up to 5 working days to prepare the computer (desktop, laptop)
    • ITO can take up to 3 working days to prepare the account (email, domain, etc), excluding Autoline (Kerridge) at this moment
  • Other countries
    • For computers, additional time is required for logistics purpose
    • For accounts, the same rule applies the same as Thailand





1. Visit


2. Click New and select For HR Request (if available).


3. Fill new staff's information in *For HR Only fields, note the fields with symbol * are required.


4. After fill-in required information, click OK.