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How to Submit a new IT Support Ticket


Last updated : 12-July-2019



Thailand ITM has implemented the ITM Ticket System in order to keep track of all IT support requests, also to analyze the support information in order to improve the customer services experience in the future.


From 8-July-2013 onward, we ask you to make an IT support request using below channels:-

  • Self-Ticket Creation - Create a support ticket by yourself at This is the most efficient way as the ticket will be assigned to our team without delay.
  • Email - You can also email to We have now created an auto fetching email to automatically generate ticket when a user sent email To
  • Phone call - You can call ITM Helpdesk at +662 762 8555 (or extension 8555 if you call from Thonglor office).
This affects all IT support requests for Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan ITM only. For other countries that has no local IT will be supported by Thailand. Note we DO NOT use Instant messages or Phone call for support ticket initiation.
Please remember we guarantee the quality of support for request that has a support ticket associated only.
Our official support hour is Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 5:30PM (GMT+7). This excludes Thailand Public Holidays.
We have 2 ways to submit a ticket to IT

1. To Submit a new IT Support Ticket

1. Please go to and click Submit a ticket.


2. Fill-in information, you can omit the fields that are unsure like Category, Item, Sub Item, Product. Then click Submit ticket.


3. If there is nothing wrong, there will show a screen of Ticket submitted. You can use the link below (View your ticket) to view the ticket and to add more information.



4. There will also be an email notification that you can use the link for reference and interact with our IT agent.


2. To Submit an email request

1. You just simply create a new email and sent to


2. User can also attach a picture about the issue in the message box for clearer details


3. When IT staffs reply back on ticket, the user will also get an updated email and can follow up the case by replied back to that email. 

Any updates about the support ticket will be notified by email to the customer. It is also useful to know about ticket status so you will understand the progress your ticket is made:- 

  • New - The initial status after a support ticket has been submitted.
  • In Progress - This status means there already be our ITM agent working on the support ticket.
  • Replied - This status will be shown when our ITM agent submits a reply to the support ticket.
  • Wait for reply - This status will be shown when customer provided feedback to the support ticket.
  • Pending Resolved - When the support request has been remediated, our ITM agent will change the status to pending resolved. Customer can still feedback to the ticket for 24 hours if there is more comment/ feedback.
  • Resolved - When the support request passed 24 hours, the status will be changed to resolved, confirm the closing of the ticket. Any more comments/ feedbacks will be no longer be added in this ticket and have to create a new support ticket instead.


We strongly hope by using the ticket system will help us improve our customer services in the long run. For any complaints, please raise a direct email to containing the ticket number.



RMA ITM Department

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