How to upload file to Web File Services (WFS) system

RMA Web File Services (WFS) is a system to reduce the use of big email attachments. When you attached big attachments to the email, you are in a risk of :-

  • Email is too big so the recipient cannot receive it (blockage from recipient's email system).
  • Your mailbox can be full easier as it also reside in your "Sent item". 
  • Also wasting our server resources, resulting in more unnecessary investments to the email server. For example, if you send 15MB email to 10 recipients, the space required on sender (RMA) server will be
    • RMA Email System => (15MB*11)*2 = 330MB (*11 is 10 recipients + your sent item and *2 is from the use of Exchange Database Availability Group)
    • RMA Backup System => (15MB*11)*(7+4+3+3+1) = 2.97GB (assume we keep for 1 year backward)
  • We might get blacklisted if the recipient's system has a strict rule, resulted in instability email communication to this recipient's organization that impacts business relationship.


In order to prevent this problem, we recommend to use WFS to upload the attachments and send the links generated into email message instead.


To upload files onto WFS


1. Open your web browser, navigate to .

2. Click "Browse".

3. If it ask, click "Allow access".

4. Choose the files to upload, then click "Upload to temporary location".

5. Then the system will ask you to double check the files before save to the server. At this stage, you can delete them if you think they were uploaded by mistake. But if you would like to proceed, click "Save file permanently".

6. The system will then generate URL links. You can use them to paste to email to send to recipients.


Note :-

  • Confidential information is NOT recommended to send by this method as it is publicly accessible. In case of unavoidable, burn them to CD/DVD and send by post is the recommended way. Zip with password protected is not 100% secured and not recommended.
  • Automatic Link Expiry = 30 days after uploaded
  • Size limit = 100MB per file
  • Accepted file extension = .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx .vsd .vsdx .accdb .mdb .pdf .zip .jpg .jpeg .gif .png .tif .tiff .7z .ai .psd .iso
  • File URL (Inside RMA Network) = The link that can be accessed from within RMA offices (that has VPN connection to BKK HQ)
  • File URL (Outside RMA Network) = The link that can be accessed from Internet


If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.