How to use the data room

Data Room is the common word for the specialized folder which can be accessed from both inside and outside RMA network with the access control to people who can upload the files onto and the people who can access to read/download the files only. It uses the RMA Web File Services (WFS) system as a base system, with some customizations.


To upload files onto data room 

1. Open your web browser, navigate to<dataroom name> or<dataroom name> where <dataroom name> is the one you get from IT (depends on which data room you would like to access. Log in using your supplied username and password.

2. If you have an upload permission, you will be presented with the upload button which you can use to upload files to the data room.


3. Select the files to upload then press upload.


4. Once done, you can go back to confirm your files have been uploaded properly.


To access data room files 

1. If you have an access permission, you can browse the files and read/download them.


If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.