How to enroll ADSelfService Plus by yourself

To be able to use client MFA with methods other than your RMA email address e.g. Microsoft/ Google Authenticators, personal email account, you will have to enroll them first so that the options will be available during MFA challenge.

This guide will help you through the steps.

1. Go to, and log in using your current domain username and password.


2. Choose your email address and then click Continue.


3. Check your email and enter the verification code, then click Continue.



4. Complete your enrollment now! "Click here". Please click Click here.


5. You will need to use your mobile phone app Microsoft Authenticator to enroll the first time. Please follow the steps on the screen. Open the app, go to Add account > Other, then scan the QR code from the screen. Enter the code from the app. Then click Next.





6. Now you have done enrollment using Microsoft Authenticator method. You can add more alternative methods e.g. Google Authenticator and/or alternative email here.


(Recommended) You can also download MFA Recovery key in case of emergency. Recommend keeping it somewhere safe (save as a file and print it out)


7. Then after you start your computer, it will be like this screen. Log in as normal by entering your user name and password. Note: on the bottom left, you can also reset your password or unlock your account by yourself too.


8. Select the MFA method you want to use.


9. Type in the code as per instructed.


10. Then you can now log in to your computer :)