How to create (and first time setup) a Zoom video conferencing on Windows PC/Laptop - SSO

*** This how-to requires you to have a corporate Zoom account ***




1. In Outlook, schedule a meeting as usual. Go to "Appointment" tab, then you will find "Add a Zoom Meeting" on the right side under "Zoom". Click on it.


2. If this is the first time, please follow the rest of the steps (step 2 onward). You will be prompted to sign in, select "Sign in with SSO" accordingly.


3. Under "Sign In with SSO", enter "rmagroup" then click "Continue".


4. It will then redirect you to the sign in page, enter your user name (email address) and password as usual. Also approve 2FA if asked.


5. You can check if everything is ready by click "Settings" button. You should now see your name under "Signed in as" at the bottom.


6. To change the default dial country, under "Audio", click "Edit countries/regions" (default is USA).


7. Select your country or the nearby one (in my case, I chose Singapore).


8. After creating the meeting go to Zoom through a web browser and verify the time and title of your meeting, along with any participants you want to make co-Host.

9. Setup finished. You can start using it!