How to setup a Zoom video conferencing app on mobile device (iPhone) - SSO

*** This how-to requires you to have a corporate Zoom account ***



1. Open App Store, search for Zoom.


2. Install ZOOM Cloud Meetings from Meet Happy.


3. Once the installation finished, open the app.


4. For the first time, under Start a Meeting, select Sign In.


5. Then select SSO.


6. Under Enter your company domain, input rmagroup


7. It will then redirect you to the sign-in page, enter your user name (email address) and password as usual. Also, approve 2FA if it exists.


8. Under Open this page in "Zoom"?, select Open.


9. Select Allow under "Zoom" Would Like to Send You Notifications.


10. Done. You can check by navigating through various tabs as in screenshots.


11. After creating the meeting go to Zoom through a web browser and verify the time and title of your meeting, along with any participants you want to make co-Host.

12. Setup finished. You can start using it!