How to create and join a Teleconference 7060 and 7070

Steps for create and join a conference meeting.  

Step 1

a. International; if you are to join conference from international location please dials in the following number to join conference rooms


(66) 2 762 8599 ----- For Teleconference 7060

(66) 2 762 8597 ----- For Teleconference 7070


b. Thailand; if you are joining conference from any locations in Thailand please dials in as below numbers


02 762 8599 ----- For Teleconference 7060

02 762 8597 ----- For Teleconference 7070


c. Bangkok HQ; for those who joins conference from Bangkok HQ, just dial 7060 or 7070


* Please be noted that the conference can support only 8 phone dial in parties at a time.


Step 2; Create conference ID/room


Please enter conference ID**, and then press POUND (#).

You are the host creating a new conference, press POUND (#) to cancel or STAR (*) to continue.

**Conference ID can be any number, limited to 5 digits. You need to create your own ID before sending conference request to your meeting parties.

Step 3

Say “your name” after the signal (BEEP), then press any button.

Step 4              Enjoy the conference.



***What to do if the conference disconnect? Please go back to 1, 2, 3 Step.



Should you require a support, please submit an ITM support ticket at .