How to set up Office 365 Exchange Online email for iOS/ Android Mail App using App Password

After activated Office 365 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), if you are using iOS or Android Mail App, you will need to create an "App Password" to be able to continue using them. But if you are using iOS or Android Outlook App, you do not need to have one.


To create an app password to use with iOS Mail App, 


Step 1 - Go to , sign on using your Office 365 account.

Step 2 - Click "Create".


Step 3 - Enter the desired name, then click Next.


Step 4 - Note the "App Password" then click Close.


Step 5 - On iOS device, go to Settings -> Accounts & Passwords then choose the RMA Office 365 account -> Account -> fill in the password field using the newly created "App Password". Then tap Done.


You should now be able to send/receive emails using iOS/ Android Mail App from now on.