How to connect VPN by CMAK

Noted : If you need to connect RMA VPN for access RMA Share drive, Local Application or Sync your Email Password with Windows Password when you working outside RMA network. You must have permission for access RMA VPN first.


If you don’t have permission please send email to


 If you already RMA VPN permission please follow step below for connect VPN



1.Please see below right corner on your desktop. You can see symbol Wifi or internet









2.Please click on symbol and you have same below picture 






3.You can select title after click you will have window alert same below picture

 NOTE: RMA TH.BKK VPN (RAS2) 64 bits is VPN to HQ after connect complete have IP 10.66.3.xx

            RMA TH.ADC VPN 64 bits is VPN to ADC after connect complete have IP 10.66.38.xx





4..After click connect please wait for verify your password  if you would like check new IP from VPN. You can check at appilcation VNC picture below is example IP from VPN from HQ is 10.66.3.xx.You have 2 IP frist IP from Local network and second IP is from VPN.