How to create RMA VPN & Connect VPN

Noted : If you need to connect RMA VPN for access RMA Share drive, Local Application or Sync your Email Password with Windows Password when you working outside RMA network. You must have permission for access RMA VPN first.  If you don’t have permission please send email to

 If you already RMA VPN permission please follow step below for create RMA VPN. 


1. Click Start type “Network and Sharing” and click on Network and Sharing Center

2.  Click Set up a new Connection or network

3. Click on Connect to a workplace and Click Next

4. Click No, Create a new connection, Click Next

5. Click use my internet connection (VPN)

6. Type information as below and click Next.

                Internet Address             :

                Destination Name           : RAS RMA

7. Type your username, latest Window password and Domain (RMA_HQ) click Connect.

8. If VPN cannot connect please try to change internet address to “”     


9. Try to connect VPN again by go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections