How to use OneDrive for Business on RMA Intranet

OneDrive for Business is a place where you can store, sync, and share your work files. As part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013, OneDrive for Business lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others at the same time.

RMA has adopted OneDrive for Business to enable our staffs an ability to work offline from outside as well as security. This can think as RMA Dropbox.


You can use OneDrive for Business in below platforms:-


*Even though Onedrive application or systems does not support Android and Windows phone.


This how-to illustrates the instruction on using OneDrive for Business using web browser.

1. Open “Internet Explorer” and go to Intranet page.


2. Click “OneDrive” tab.




To upload documents

3. Click “new document” to add document that you want to share.



4. Click “Browse” to choose document.

Note: The file name must not have as below:-

  • special symbols such as (\ , / , :  , * , ?, " , < , > , | , # , { , } , % , ~ , & ).
  • Folder name and file name combinations can have up to 250 characters
  • file type allow such as  .pdf, .xlsx, .docx, .csv, .txt, .pptx
  • quota for each user's My Site is 100 MB.




To upload document (drag files)

5. Choose “files” and drag to OneDrive



6. Choose your document (lock sign).


7. Click “Invite People” then select recipient and their permission then click “Share”.


  • Can Edit Permission >> recipient can edit, share and replace document on your OneDrive.
  • Can View >> recipient can read only (cannot edit document on your OneDrive).
  • Stop Sharing >> cancel sharing document to other people.




 8. The system will send email to you and recipient.

Your mailbox


Recipient’s mailbox.


 9. Click the file location link to get the shared file.