Data backup

Hi all,


Information is somewhat necessary for everyone in today’s life. But sometimes we usually keep unnecessary data too big and unmanageable.

     To overcome this problem, we recommend you to do a regular housekeeping to keep your data tight, handy and secured.

     - Delete some unused data e.g. temp files

     - Categorize your data

     - Backup some information deems necessary

    Remember disaster can come anytime, sometimes it happens at your computer level, sometimes it happens at your hard disk level and sometimes it might be more than those. In any cases, although Group ITM did some data backup for you (at a server level), but due to the vast amount of data we cannot backup everything. So we need you to bring below concerns into your considerations :-

    1.   Your data on your computer can run into problem anywhere and anytime. Always backup your important data to alternate source is always a good practice (we suggest more than one backup for important data).

   2.  You could categorize your data into different severities.

        a.       Important – cannot lose it at all (e.g. important documents, etc.)

        b.      Not Important – can lose them at some or all levels (e.g. some data that also have a copy                                      on server but could be outdated, music, movies, etc.)

   3.For different categories, we can plan the backup to be different.

         a.       Important – make it as small as possible and put into our corporate systems (File share, Intranet, etc.). You can also backup into departmental USB hard drives or sticks but careful about data security in case you lost it.

         b.      Not Important – you could either do a backup or not.

   4.For non-update data, it is a good practice to let us know so that we can archive them out from the production server into a separate “freeze box” i.e. two copies up of  external hard disks.



Aware that the backup we do at corporate requires a lot of investments so please backup only important data. If you have any questions, please contact your local ITM representatives.