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How to manual archive email in MS outlook


Why You Should Archive Email ?

   RMA IT Policy limit size quota 2500 Megabyte for RMA Employee, when user sending & receiving an email all of your mail will storage on Mail Web-server, So if your mail storage full you cannot send & receive email util you increase or decrease your mailbox size.
1. Start MS Outlook and go to File->info
2. Right Click on "Clean Up Tool" then "Archive"
3. Archive Window will appear
    a. Select the source to archive, Click at Mail box - [Your name]
     b. Define date range
     c. Select the destination for archive. If you want to change please click  Browse and select the destination file.
Noted : Default path is C:\Users\user profile\Documents\Outlook Files (Please make sure before save you archive email)
4. MS Outlook will show status of archiving.
 5. When archive was finised, you can send and receive email normally.

archive-1.png archive-1.png
archive-2.png archive-2.png
archive-3.png archive-3.png
archive-4.png archive-4.png

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