IE Security settings

How to settings Internet Explorer (IE)


       When you found some Web App cannot open or cannot show display, Please try to do below step for settings some security and compatibility view.


For security settings -:

1. Go to Internet options.


2. Go to "Security Tab". On "Internet icon", you can change security settings for this zone to "Medium - high".



3. Go to "Security Tab". On "Trusted site icon" and then click "Sites" button. Please put website that you need to access, example below -:

         Add this website to the zone : put link of website that you want to access.

         Check out  : "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"

and then click add and close.


4. Go to "Security Tab". On "Trusted site icon" Click "Custom level" button. Then you will see security settings as follow then click "OK"


For Compatibility view settings -:

1. Go to compatibility view settings.


2. Put your website that you want to change compatibility view on text box and then click "Add" and close.



3. Close Internet Explorer one time and open website that you want once again.