How-to map Group ITM calendar into Outlook

Intranet calendar is the good point to share the appointments and events with others in the team. It can also be mapped with Outlook client in order to manipulate with it (depends on Intranet calendar permissions). Below sample is the steps to map Group ITM calendar to Outlook client to share IT related events for each country to share with the Global ITM team. 


This sample is to connect to Outlook 2013. For other versions, the concept is same even the screens design are different.


If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.


1. Use your web browser to navigate to Group ITM Intranet.


2. Go to Actions then select Connect to Outlook


3. Click Allow.


4. Click Yes.


5. Once finished. You will be able to manipulate the Group ITM Calendar in your Outlook. Note it  depends on your Intranet calendar permissions.