How to sync SharePoint online calendar


We have done migration to SharePoint 365 lately and our former Intranet page which is will be landing on SharePoint online page. There is a case if you have synced calendar from Intranet to your outlook and you would need to resync that calendar from SharePoint online. If not, your synced calendar will not be up to date and may cause error and please follow below steps to resolve the issue.


If we did not remapped SharePoint calendar on Office 365 if will hit with following errors.



To solve this please follow the steps below.

First of all log in to our Intranet/SharePoint online page


Look for the calendar that would like to sync to outlook.



Here is the calendar that we would like to sync and click on the link.


 It will land into Global public holiday calendar.





 Click on calendar tab on the top.


 From that click on Connect to Outlook.





After that open with outlook in our computer as following.




There will be another pop up and click Yes to connect to our outlook.




 Here is the calendar that sync into our outlook as following.