How to map RMA Public Holiday Calendar into Outlook

RMA has developed the centralized place to look up the public holidays for all Group companies. This is to help you on improving communication across countries (e.g. travel planning or dealing a business with other Group companies in other countries) so that you will be aware of their upcoming holidays.

Below is a how-to step to map it to your Outlook.

To map RMA Group Public Holidays calendar into your Outlook

1. Go to RMA Group Intranet at

2. Click on Global RMA Public Holiday which is located on the bottom right of the page.

3. Then you will be able to see the web version of the Global Calendar.


However, it is generally better if we can foresee it from Outlook. In this case, choose Calendar, then Connect to Outlook.

4. If there are any popups asking for approval, click on Allow or Yes. They might appear more than one, but only the first time.


Then the Global RMA Public Holiday calendar will be shown on your Outlook. You can view it separately or you can overlay with your personal calendar to have them in a single view.




If it disappears, you can reactivate it by click the checkbox next to RMA Group Intranet - Global RMA Public Holidays.


Should you require a support, please submit an ITM support ticket at .