How to add network printer Minecorp


How to add printer?

1. Click ‘Windows then fill ‘Devices and Printers’ 


2. Devices and Printers page will be displayed. Then,click "Add a printer".


3. Select "he printer that I want isn't listed".


4. Select "Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature"


5.1 Find Printers page will be displayed. Then select "Advanced" tab.

And select Field "Server Name", condition "Starts with" and Value "AU-SVR-PS-01" then select Add.



5.2 Condition list was appear and then select "Find Now", The Printers has display.


6. Select your desire printer then click  ‘OK’ button




7. Please wait while the computer connecting to the printer over the network



 8. This dialog will show the status that you ‘ve successfully added your desire printer on the network Please Click ‘Next’



9. In this step if you would set this printer as the default you can check in ‘Set as the default printer’ box, if not you can uncheck this box.


In addition, to check if your printer working properly, click on ‘Print test page’ button if the printer can print a test page document out, can be indicated that the printer working properly for now.




10. After you’ve done all above steps, you can see the printer icon as below figure