How to add printer by yourself

How to add printer by yourself

 1. See below left hand side and find “magnifying glass icon” on below picture. (Windows 10)



      2. Type “Devices and Printers” for searching and then click on there.


      3. After you select Devices and Printers, you will see below explorer. Please choose “Add a printer”.


       4. You will see below picture and then Click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed”  and then click “Next”


           5. Select “Find a printer in the directory, base on location or feature” and then click “Next”


         6. You will see many printers in this step. Please look at Location box and type “* and follow the floor” example: your office is on 17th floor => type “*17” on location box and then click “Find Now”.


The system will show all printers those located on floor, you can double click on there to continue add a printer



** Please choose printer that server name is “” **



  7. After your double click, it will show below picture and then click “Next” for add a printer

**In this step. Sometime require put admin password for update new driver, please call to put Helpdesk 8555**


 8. Last step, system will ask you to set as the default printer. You can check box and then click “Finish” to complete add a printer.