Zabbix monitoring

Guideline for us Zabbix monitoring


  1. Go to  and put your username & password that you use login laptop.


Example     username : thipkamon.c

                    password  : current password


Machine generated alternative text:Cl ookmarks Global IP Subnet ALI El Home FM-IT-II IT Asset DB ZABBIX Countries Local IT ACL Help I 30 da ITM Domain Expert - Server List - All DocuL zabbix 2.4.7 copyright by zabbix SIA



  1. After login you will see dashboard that will show all host group inside Zabbix monitoring.


Machine generated alternative text:ZABBIX History: CÆtcm Etc m Info n Ip Get su p"rt Pnnt prcflle Logout High Not c tied stcm s up Lut Huts RMA.ROIJTER.LCHZAL.IP PERSONAL DASHBOARD slide s Di" Ste r TH. ADC. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. BKK. svR HO.ADFS HO. MAIL. Exc HO. NW HO. svR HO.svR. HO. svR .CRM HO.svR. HO.svR. ERP HO.svR. MAIL.HmEll HO.svR. HO.svR. NAP HO.svR. HO.svR. RAS HO.svR. Ros HO.svR. SIP HO.svR. HO.svR. so L HO.svR. TEST


  1. You can add favorite graph, screen and map those you would like to monitor.


Machine generated alternative text:PERSONAL DASHBOARD raph-E added. Slide s


  1. Example for add screens, you can choose screen whatever you want.


Machine generated alternative text:ZABBIX Web History: CÆtcm D PERSONAL DASHBOARD No g rap h -E added. slide s zabbix: Screens - Google Chrome Cl C EVENT.LOG-1001ir. RMA.RouTER-aamdWldth RMA. ROOTER. RMA.VPN. RRAS.PEI.I,'O screens&srcfldl -screenid&referencez screenid&multiseQ C TH. C TH. BKK.HO HO.asco.swrrcH-Perfcrmar. HO.svR HO.SVR HO.svR HO.svR-cpu HO.svR.HDD Tri rs. Zabbil TH.BKK.H0.svR.soL


  1. And then you can see screen for monitoring, example : TH.HQ&ADC-GATEWAY-graphscreen. You can Zoom in & out for period time that you want to monitor.


Machine generated alternative text:ZABBIX web History: Custcm Cu Etc m SCREENS TH.HQ&ADC.GATEWAY-graphscreen 'CMP T rigge Em 1m 7d1d12h lh Custcm lh 12h Id7d1m 201E-u-21 10:28 - TH-BKK-HQ-FTG80c .2.5: Alias of int"a SS EXTERNAL-WAN-MPLS 201E-u-21 11:28 ( Ip Get su p"rt pm nt prcflle Logout m.bk.t h. 201S-N-21 11:00: