How to setup RMA Email on Macbook computer.

Search “Mail” client application from Mac which is bundled together with MAC OSX. And click on Mail to open the application.


After open the application click on “Preferences” on from Mail menu as following.


Click on “Accounts” and click “+” sign to add the mail account into application.


After click “+” sign, it will ask to select what type of mail account would like to add as following. Select “ Exchange” and click “Continue”

After click “Continue” , fill in Name, Email Address and Password as following. Then click “Continue”

After information fill in successfully, the account summary page will show as following. Then click “Continue”

Click on “Mail” item to use email from RMA and , if you also required to sync with Mac Calendar also select “Calendar”  as your requirement. Then click Done.

  After click “Done” from above screen , it will take back to “Inbox” for RMA email as following screen capture.

 To write email click on compose new message and select “From:” as following example. In case if you already have many mail account has been set up in mail account.