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Guideline for Recovering Deleted Items In Microsoft Outlook 2013


Guideline for Recovering Deleted Items In Microsoft Outlook 2013


Step for enable function Recovery Deletes Items -:

1. First, You will cannot see function "recovery deletes items" in Folder Tab.


2. Please enable function for recovery deletes items.Follow these steps below -:

          2.1 Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon.

          2.2 On the right-hand side, in the "Customize the Ribbon" list, select the "Folder" main tab.

          2.3 Click the "New Group" button and then it will show "New Group" under Folder tab.


3. Make sure that the newly created group is selected.

          3.1 Select "Customize Ribbon".

          3.2 In "Choose commands from", select "All Commands"

          3.3 Select "Recover Deleted Items" and then click "Add" button.

          3.4 You will see that function was added and then click "OK".


4. Now, You can see your new group and the Recover Deleted Items icon in the Folder tab on all folders. If you click the button, you will see that you have access to any purged/shift-deleted items from that folder.


Step for Recovering Deleted Items -:

1.To Restore or Purge items deleted from a folder that contains mail items, including the Deleted Items folder. Select the folder that you need, then choose the "Folder tab" on the Ribbon and then click "Recover Deleted Items".


2.Select the items and click either Recover or Purge icons and the click "OK".






restrore1.PNG restrore1.PNG
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