How-to resize image files ready for emailing

How to resize image files ready for emailing

With the increase in digital camera quality the size of images has grown significantly in recent years which is leading to very large emails being transmitted which then leads to an increase in mail queue length.

The following example demonstrates the problem where the user needs to send 6 image files with a total size of 25MB:

The user receives a warning that the attachments are above the allowed limit:


Instead of sending many emails that will still cause a large email queue and delay the email from being received quickly – Select the 6 images and then Right-Click, from the menu select Send to and then Mail Recipient:


Select the Picture size, the default of Medium is normally good enough to view on any computer screen:


 After you click Attach the images will be resized and a draft email prepared:

The draft email that is created for you now has attachments of only 1MB which is 25x smaller than before:


If you want to keep smaller copies of your images, save these attachements back to you hard disk and then cancel the draft email.