How to configure RMA Exchange email on Android Smartphone

How to set up email on Android devices?


     RMA offers employees to be able to use own either mobile or tablet devices to work anywhere. This how to shows the steps to configure Android devices with RMA Exchange email system.

1. Go to Email icon on your mobile phone.



2. Type your username which you used to log on either laptop or desktop everyday. Example as shown below and then press "Next"



 3. Choose last options is "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"


4. Press "Edit Details"



5. Please set up based on the following pictures :-

>> Email address <<

- Skip and leave what it has.

>> Domain\Username <<

- Please type rma_hq and follows by your username

  Example : rma_hq\wittayapon.p

>> Password <<

- Put your password same as you log on  to either laptop or desktop.

>> Exchange server <<

- Default setting will display as so you really need to change to be "".

>> Use secure connection (SSL) <<

- Checked mark on use secure connection (SSL)

>> Use client certificate <<

- Unchecked mark on use client certificate


 6. After setting please press "Next"



7.Press "OK" to continue.



8.Press "OK" to continue.


9. Please set up based on below figure :-

>> Period to sync Email <<

- Set it as an Automatic

>> Period to sync calendar <<

- All calendar

Note : The rest option leave it what it has.


10.Account options you can set based on your preference(s). If you don't want to use some functions, please unchecked a specific option. Then,press "Next"

 11.Press "Activate" to continue.


12.Lastly,press "Done" and waiting for synchronization with our systems.


Note :  "If you changed your password, please also change password on your mobile phone as well."

If you are unable to connect email on mobile phone, don't hesitate to contact