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How to Managing the Junk E-Mail folder


 Managing the Junk E-Mail folder


In today's world of email we need to manage Junk E-mail from time-to-time.  Whilst some of the control is managed at the server level, we also have some control over what happens in the Junk E-mail folder.

From the Home section in Outlook we can click on Junk and very easily make sure emails from a Sender are always considered Junk (eg Block Sender) or we can make sure that they are Never considered Junk (eg Never Block Sender).  Selecting Not Junk will just impact that individual email.   There are also some more advanced settings we can review by clicking on Junk E-mail Options:-




Under the Junk E-mail Options, the Options tab shows the level of protection and by default it will be set to No Automatic  Filtering, which means that control will be managed by the server alone.  We recommend selecting Low and to keep the Warn me about suspicious domain names… checkbox ticked and click Apply:



On the Safe Senders tab, you can manage the list you have created, using the Junk menu on the Home section of Outlook.  We recommend you keep the checkbox ticked for Also trust email from my Contacts and tick the checkbox for Automatically add people I email to the Safe Senders List, but please be aware that some senders are spoofed/impersonated, watch out for the red banner at the bottom of the email, warning you.  When done, click Apply:



On the Blocked Senders tab, you can manage the list you have created, using the Junk menu on the Home section of Outlook.  When done, click Apply:



On the International tab, you can block countries and languages that you consider to be Junk.  When done, click OK on each and then Apply:




Emails that in your Junk E-mail folder will have certain features disabled:

  • The message will be displayed in Plain Text, if you wish to see it as HTML, click the banner text and select Display as HTML
  • Links will be disabled, if you wish to click any of the links, click the banner text and select Move to Inbox



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