How to change your Office 365 photo

How to change your Office 365 photo


In order to promote internal communication, we encourage you to update your photo in Office 365 to reflect your RMA corporate identity. Here is how:


1. Go to Sign in as usual.


2. Click your existing photo (or your initial e.g. CJ for me) on the top right.


3. Then under "My account", click your initial/ photo to change your photo.



4. Click "Upload a new photo".


5. Choose your new photo and adjust the sizing. Recommend to have your face around 60-75% of the photo. Then click "Apply".



6. Once done, you can click "Done".


Now your new photo has been applied to RMA Office 365 and will show up in RMA Address Book immediately on the web browser version. Note it will take up to 24 hours in order to show up in RMA Outlook client.