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How to install TM1 Client


How to install TM1 Client

1.       Normally all RMA computer has been install TM1 client please check before install.


2.       If you don’t have TM1 on your computer please download TM1 Software (686MB) via link below.


3.       Extract file and run as admin for install.


4.        Please click next and select “TM1” click next   again.


5.       Select Custom on Install Options

6.        Disable  “Server”  and “TM1 Contributor” and click next


7.       Installations take time around 5 min once install completed click finish.


1TM_1.png 1TM_1.png
2TM_11.png 2TM_11.png
3TM_3.png 3TM_3.png
4TM_4.png 4TM_4.png
5TM_5.png 5TM_5.png
6TM_41.png 6TM_41.png
7TM_6.png 7TM_6.png
8TM_9.png 8TM_9.png

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