Adding Promotion in Aloha Manager

Adding Promotion

To add promotion, firstly need to create a category first.

Maintenance > Menu > Categories




In category tab, create with a new ID and a new name.

Example, a new category number (09003) and new description (ns-free scoop).

 For promotion, need to check the non-sale in category type. Please select the items that will include in promotion and click include and save.





After that, in Maintenance > Payments > Promotions.

It also has to be new ID with New name but it is better to be the same name that put in category.  Put all the field as shown accordingly.






Position is the place of tab that will appear at POS. Just click on the tab that will be appear.

FOR Adding New Voucher,

Type > New Number, Name and Check Reduction.

Check > First Available Button twice and place the position.

Check > Active, Print Check and Manager Needed


Click > Type Specifics > Items: All Iteams (10000), Amount: Voucher Amount




-          -Save and go back to Promotion Tap.

-          -Report As: > Select New Voucher that created

-         - AND SAVE


After Finish creating, refresh data in Aloha Manager.

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