Using Traditional whiteboard pens with the SMARTBoard

SMART Board is a board that use for presentation propose interactively device. This SMART board device is cable to use to  traditional  marker pen on it's surface.


Please refer to instruction below :-


Applies to: SMART Board™ 500 and 600 series interactive whiteboards


This document describes how to keep the writing surface clean on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.


Follow these tips to keep your SMART Board interactive whiteboard’s writing surface clean.

NOTE: If your SMART Board 500 series interactive whiteboard has an OptiPro™ surface, don’t use dry-erase

markers. If you have an OptiPro surface, an OptiPro label appears in the center bottom frame of your SMART

Board interactive whiteboard.

Preventing Damage to the Writing Surface

• You can write on your interactive whiteboard with only standard or high-odor dry-erase markers. These

markers usually display a warning to use them in well-ventilated areas.

• Do not use low-odor dry-erase markers, such as Sanford® Expo® markers with low-odor ink, because the ink is more difficult to remove.

• Do not use permanent markers to write on your interactive whiteboard.

• Do not use sharp writing instruments such as ballpoint or fine-pointed pens, which can damage the surface if  they’re applied with heavy pressure.

• Do not use adhesive tape on your interactive whiteboard, because removing the tape can damage the top layer of the writing surface. Cleaning the Writing Surface

• Erase dry-erase ink from the writing surface as soon as possible. The longer dry-erase ink remains, the more difficult it is to remove.

• Before using a cleaner, remove excess dry-erase ink residue from the writing surface with a damp cloth.

• Use an alcohol-free household glass cleaner, such as Windex® glass cleaner, to clean the writing surface. Clean it at regular intervals or whenever you notice that the dry-erase ink remains on the screen after erasing.

Keeping the Writing Surface Clean on Your Front Projection SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboard


Do not use abrasive chemicals or cleaners on your interactive whiteboard.

IMPORTANT • Before you clean your SMART Board interactive whiteboard, shut down or disconnect the

connected computer so that you don’t scramble desktop icons or inadvertently start programs

when you wipe the screen.

• To view dirt or streaks more easily, set your projector to standby (lamp off mode).


If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.

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