How to configure CRM add-on

After installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on client from this link, it is require to configured it following below instructions before using. 


Instruction :-

1. Click on Start menu and type in "Configuration" in search box and Configuration Wizard will appear, click on it. 


2. Click on Add> then type in the URL "" and click Test Connection


4. If the following screen pops up, Please enter your username and password (same as your computer login)

Format should be rma_hq\username same as below

Note: Don't forget to check remember password box


5.  The following screens will appear after the password is enter correctly


6.  Click on OK and Close 


7. Now you will be able use CRM add-on outlook


For configure CRM application ( to use on Internet browser 

1.  Open Internet explorer and click at gear icon to enter setting menu then choose "Internet option"

2.  Go to "Security" tab  and click at "Trusted sites" and click at "Sites" button 


 3. enter "https://*" then click add 


11. Click "Close" to close this page and your CRM add-on client will be ready to use.

 If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.