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How to install CRM add-on for outlook


As Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been implemented and widly used in RMA group. To setup this application please follow these instructions below.



1. Download all setup file from following Microsoft list 

1.1 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM client)

  • Choose CRM2011-Client-ENU-amd64.exe if you install on 64 bits version of Windows
  • Choose CRM2011-Client-ENU-i386.exe if you install on 32 bits version of Windows 

1.2 (CRM rollup18 update)

  • Choose CRM2011-Client-KB2958724-ENU-amd64.exe if you install on 64 bits version of Windows 
  • Choose CRM2011-Client-KB2958724-ENU-i386.exe if you install on 32 bits version of Windows
  • Choose CRM2011-Client-KB2855319-ENU-amd64.exe if you install on 64 bits version of Windows 
  • Choose CRM2011-Client-KB2855319-ENU-i386.exe if you install on 32 bits version of Windows
2. After download all files, then setup file one by one by start at client at 1.1 first.
3. click setup file depend on your version of Windows either 32 or 64 bits.
4. Setup screen will appear as in screenshot below.
5.  Click Next to process
6. Wait while CRM add-on client being install.
7. Click "Close" to complete installation.
8. Double click on setup rollup 6 update (see 1.2 for choosing appropriate version according to your version of Windows).
9. Click next to process installation 
10. Please wait while application being install
11. Click finish to complete the setup of rollup 6 update
12. In case that you encounter error while install rollup 6, you can skip to install rollup 18 update instead as your computer may obtain the update rollup 18 from Windows update already.
13. Please refer to the link here for how to install CRM rollup 18. 
Now CRM add-on client had been installed to your computer. Please refer to link here: to configure it.
 If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket.

crm-install-1.png crm-install-1.png
crm-install-2.png crm-install-2.png
crm-install-3.png crm-install-3.png
crm-install-4.png crm-install-4.png
crm-install-5.png crm-install-5.png
CRM-rollup-6-installation-1.png CRM-rollup-6-installation-1.png
CRM-rollup-6-installation-2.png CRM-rollup-6-installation-2.png
CRM-rollup-6-installation-3.png CRM-rollup-6-installation-3.png
CRM-rollup-11-installation-1.png CRM-rollup-11-installation-1.png
CRM-rollup-11-installation-2.png CRM-rollup-11-installation-2.png
CRM-rollup-11-installation-3.png CRM-rollup-11-installation-3.png
CRM-rollup-11-installation-4.png CRM-rollup-11-installation-4.png

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