How to use FileZilla FTP client to connect to RMA FTP server

There are various type of file uploads to RMA servers. One of the possible methods is by using FTP. Since Internet-facing RMA servers are behind corporate firewall (which filter out unexpected traffics), we have established the standard way to FTP to RMA servers by using Industry-standard FileZilla client application connecting using Active mode. Below is a clear sample on how-to set it up.


To setup FileZilla client :-

1. If the application was not yet installed, submit an ITM support ticket to do so (at

2. Once you already have FileZilla client installed, invoke it.

3. Go to File -> Site Manager.


4. Click New Site button.


5. Name the new site according to your preference (recommend to name it in a way it is easy to remember).


6. Put in required information :-


  • Host: <FTP server name>
  • Port: <Port number>
  • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  • Encryption: Use plain FTP
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: <FTP user name>
  • Password: <FTP password>


7. Go to Transfer Settings tab, make sure the Transfer mode is set to Active.


8. Click Connect and see if it can connect successfully.

9. The left hand side show the files in local computer and the right hand side show the files on the remote FTP server. You can upload the files to FTP server by selecting the local files and drag to server (right hand side pane).