How to setup Autoline KClient version 6.9


1. Download the installer from or and unzip.

2. Install the KClient 6.9 following the default settings.

3. Once done, create a new server connection by right click on desktop and select KCML Client.


4. Click Next >.


5. Select Connect to a remote server.


6. In the Connection Details page, put in below settings.

- Server:

- Service Name: New9304

- Check on Encrypt connection


7. In the Select Authentication Type page, select User and password then put in your Login name.


8. In the Proxy Details page, click on Next >.


9. In the Connection Name page, put in the Connection Name as you want.


10. Then the desktop icon will be created, to access RMA Autoline system, double click on it.


11. You will be asked for a password, put in as needed. Then you will be able to use Autoline now.


If you require technical support, please submit an ITM support ticket.