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Cannot sent and receive e-mail outside office


If problem when you stay at office (using network/ internet at office) you can send/ receive mail, but when you go out (using network / internet out office as at home, hotel, café wifi…) you can receive email but cannot send or outlook request input password… please try to process this way.

1.       Open Window Explorer

2.       Go to user profile and select "AppData"


3.       Delete folder name “Credentials” => Find folder name “Credentials” in \\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft



After delete “Credentials” outlook request you input username and password


Note:    if the computer join domain RMA_HQ => type username and password only,

             if the computer not join domain RMA_HQ => must be type RMA_HQ\username (rma_hq\ prefix e.g. “rma_hq\”)  and password.




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