CRM toolbar/icon missing from Outlook intermittently

Issue: CRM for Outlook client on the user’s machine is still on the RTM build and has not been updated, hence caused the problem of the CRM toolbar/icon missing intermittently.

Resolution: Update the CRM for Outlook on client's machine to UR 11 + Critical Update to match what is installed on the CRM Server.

Please follow the below steps:

1.      Open Internet Explorer.
2.      On the Menu Bar, go to Tools>Compatibility View Settings. If the Menu bar is hidden, press ALT+T to show the Tools menu.
3.      On the Compatibility View Settings window, type in your CRM website address ( and click on Add.

User will need to close Outlook if he did the changes above while it is open.

To summarize, the following is our recommended course of action:

1.      Uninstall the current CRM for Outlook client.
2.      Download the installer from here -
3.      Install the CRM for Outlook client using the installer downloaded from step #2.
4.      Download Update Rollup 11 from here -
5.      Install Update Rollup 11.
6.      Download the Critical Update from here -
7.      Install the Critical Update.
8.      Run the Configuration wizard and configure the CRM for Outlook client to connect to your CRM Server.
9.      Perform the steps we mentioned above for adding your CRM website to the Compatibility View settings.
10.  Enable tracing using the steps mentioned in the KB article above (
11.  Start Outlook and continue to observe if the issue will persist. Should the issue repeat itself, compress the files found on the trace folder and send it to us for analysis.