CRM script errors

Users are receiving script errors while working with CRM. For example, the script error can occur when saving a record. Many users have been facing a script error when they are using IE, (also outlook from time to time).

Add your CRM website to the list of sites to be viewed under Compatibility View.

To do this:
1.      Open Internet Explorer.
2.      On the Menu Bar, go to Tools>Compatibility View Settings. If the Menu bar is hidden, press ALT+T to show the Tools menu.
3.      On the Compatibility View Settings window, type in your CRM website address ( and click on Add.

Further to the action items above, we would also suggest that you downgrade your CRM for Outlook client to match the build of what is installed on the CRM Server. At the moment, your CRM for Outlook client is on UR 14 while the CRM Server is on UR 11 + Critical Update. To complete the downgrade:

1.      Uninstall your CRM for Outlook client.
2.      Reinstall the CRM for Outlook client (
3.      Install UR 11 (
4.      Install the Critical Update for UR 11 (
5.      Configure your CRM for Outlook client.
6.      Make sure that you turn off the automatic Microsoft Update for your machine to prevent it from upgrading your CRM for Outlook client to the latest Update Rollup.